"We met and started working with Lori when my puppy, Babe, was about eight months old.  I could tell you how well behaved Babe is now, I could tell you how well she listens to everyone, and i could tell you how even if we walk by food on the sidewalk, if i say "leave it", she leaves it.  I can tell you all of that because in the past five months of working with Lori those things have become true. What I really want to tell you is how Lori helped and guided us through Babes separation anxiety. What i really want you to know is that Lori not only had lots of great tips that worked. She also was a good listener when I needed to talk. What I want to tell you is that Lori has a way that is backed up with lots of experience. She never makes you feel wrong if you want it done differently. She figures out a way to make it work. Lastly, I want to tell you how Lori and Babe feel about one another. My dog adores Lori, she is so excited to see her each week and she respects her so much. Lori loves Babe, she treat her like family. I would recommend anyone and everyone to Lori."

-Suzee Dunn & Babe  


"Lori is a great teacher! She not only understands dogs, but also the individual needs of the owner and teaches accordingly. She works with you one on one to make sure that not only the dog understands and executes the command, but that you say and execute it correctly and consistently as the owner. She teaches discipline with a mixture of love and fun which is such a perfect recipe! I have taken all three classes with Lori from beginning to advanced and not only refer other pet parents to her, but also continue ongoing training. Thanks to Lori, Franz will soon be receiving his CGC which is the first step to becoming an official service dog. Thank you Lori!"

-Brad Shecter and Franz

"I just have to start by saying Lori is the best! I got a yorkipoo (Carson) from my sister as a gift. I was feeling very overwhelmed and just nervous about the do's and don'ts for my puppy. I met Lori when I signed up for the puppy training class. It was like a breath of fresh air for me. She taught me how to understand my puppy and to take my time with training him. We were sent home with homework for the week and it was amazing to me how much my puppy was learning so quickly. She trained me to train my puppy. At first i wasn't sure my dog was well trained until family members and random people in public began to tell me all the time. I was so impressed I stayed with her for three classes. I recommend all my friends with old dogs and new puppies to at least take a class with Lori. It will make a difference. Lori keeps it real and she is very knowledgable about dogs. She has seen and experienced a lot and you can hear that because she uses stories from personal experiences to support her fact. For me this is very comforting and reassuring. Bottom line take a class with Lori and you will not be sorry. Thanks to Lori from the bottom of our hearts, Carson and I both are truly grateful!!!!"

-Delanni Johnson and Carson 

Lori is like a dog whisperer. She has an incredible talent to see the bigger picture instantly seemingly getting into the side of both the dog and owner. She simultaneously pinpoints exactly whats going on and how to resolve it. As with any field, you have the ones who are naturally fitted at their craft and shine bright above the rest. Lori is such a person when it comes to dog training. She's passionate about what she does and that makes all the difference." 

-Michelle Arbeau