Aunt lori dog training 

My philosophy on dog training 

There is no "perfect" dog.  Why would we want one?  Each dog has a personality which is why we as humans bond so much with them.  Some dogs are shy, some dogs don't like other dogs, some are fussy, others are rambunctious, etc.  The trick is to figure out how to live with some of these behaviors and correct the ones we can.  Keeping our dogs safe and happy is the goal!  A confident and well adjusted dog is a happy dog.

Lori's mission is to build a successful relationship between you and your dog. 

What's IMPORTANT to Aunt Lori?

  • Having affordable training prices is important to me. 
  • Whether your dog is young or old it is never too late to train them. 
  • Every dog deserves to be given a chance at a safe and forever home. 
  • Getting to the pet parent before they give up on their dog. 
  • Making training productive as well as fun.